My School

I study at High School of Yerevan “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educational Complex. I’m a student of grade 9. The students of our school study according to their individual curriculums. We can choose the school subjects, which we are interested in. I’m interested in math. So I can have more lessons on this subject. The education at our higher school is blog-based and project-based. We do our homework on our blogs. We carry out different projects. For example, I have carried out a project in History “The Great Wall of China”. The students at our high school are engaged in different activities. They can go swimming in our indoor swimming pool. The students, who are interested in music, can have musical lessons at our Musical School. The students, who are interested in fine arts, can have art lessons at our Art School. Our students can even go horse racing on our farm. Our high school is a place where students reveal their inner capabilities and creativity. We are not given texts to be learned by heart. We usually create our own texts while doing projects. Our Educomplex has its official website, and the texts written by our students are published there. Another thing with which our school differs from other schools in Armenia is that we very often go on educational trips about Armenia.

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