My friend 

I am in friendly terms with a lot of people but I can’t call them all my friends. To my mind, one can only have one or two close friends. When people become friends, they should have a lot of common things. They should have a common approach to a certain phenomenon in life. If a man is an extremely honest person, he can’t have a friend who is a scoundrel. First of all a real friendShould be true and devoted. I hate selfish people. A true friend is reliable. He is a friend in need. This is very important because in our hard life we come across difficulties at every step and we need someone to understand us, to help us to overcome these difficulties. My close friend’s name is Alex . I don’t have to try to make him understand my own problems. Neither does he. I am always ready to share his sorrow and help him. I am interested in her problems and he is interested in mine.

We don’t choose our parents but we choose our friends. We choose friends according to our spiritual interests. And we develop our world outlook mainly by means of our everyday contacts with our friends. If I read an interesting book or see an interesting film, I am always glad to share my impressions with my close friend. So is he. In this way, we enrich each other.

-Can you give us an example from your real life which will show your friend’s devotion to you?

-Sure, Last year I fell ill and had to miss several lessons. My friend came to our place and brought me his notes which helped me much and I didn’t fall behind in my studies.

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