My Favorite Book

My favorite book is Harry Potter. He went the Hogwarts School where they teach him different magical tricks. In fact, it’s a place where he studies wizardry. In total, there are eight books about the boy, all written by an incredibly author – Joanne K. Rowling. In most chapters he fights the evil Voldemort, who was responsible for the death of his parents. All books were pictured on the screen and I should say that the films are as interesting as books. In fact, Harry has two best friends as stated in the story. Their names are Hermione and Ron. Some people prefer reading the books, but I liked the movies more. There are many moving moments there, such as Harry’s dance with Hermione, friends’ support in hard times .

My Day

Every day I wake up at 7 am. I gate up and go to the bathroom. I wash my hands and face, clean my teeth, then I get dressed and go to the kitchen, my grandmother makes a breakfast for me. I have breakfast at 8 am. I live home for school at 8:40 am. I arrive at school 9 am. I have a lunch at 12:35 pm. I buy something to eat in the shop outside and go with my friends to park. I stay at school till 3 pm. then I go home. When I arrive home I need to have a rest because I am very tired. I like to listen to music or read a good book, then I start doing my homework. It takes me 3 hours to prepare my lessons for the next day. Before going to bed I like to eat something. I like eat fruits and drink tea. I go to sleep different times. sometimes at 12 sometimes at 2.

Мой друг 

У меня есть много друзей. Большинство из них мои одноклассники. Моего лучшего друга зовут Алекс. Ему двенадцать . Он живет с родителями недалеко от школы.У Алекса много увлечений: он любит играть на компьютере, читать книги,

У Алекс короткие волосы и коричневые глаза. Он довольно высокий . Ему всегда удается быть веселым, энергичным, полным жизни и энергии. Он готов помочь и честный.Он отзывчивый человек и каждый раз пытается сделать все возможное, чтобы помочь кому-то, когда у кого-то есть проблемы.у него хорошее чувство юмора и с ним приятно общаться.

My hobbie

All people have their preferred occupations . Some ones loves cycling , jogging, book warm . I love photography. Photography is a true art which is not so easy to master. In fact, it is not just an art but a whole science. I like learning new things about photography equipment, exposure, colours and lighting. I read blogs of famous photographers and try to follow their advice. I love to edit fotos on computer too.

There are a lot of genres in photography. I like to take pictures of nature and people. Still nature comes alive in a photograph. People, on the contrary, become motionless only in the picture and let the photographer perpetuate the moment of their life. I love portraits. I have taken full-length and half-length portraits as well as family and group portraits.