Present Simple
  • Every day  I wake up at 8 a.m
  • They play football in the playground
  • Ben goes to football practice every Tuesday.
  • Jim doesn’t work on Fridays.
  • She always forgets her wallet.
Present Continious
  • She is not listening to music right now.
  • They are not watching reallity shows.
  • Why aren’t you doing your homework?
  • I am not reading any books right now.
  •  Is he visiting his parents next weekend?
Past Continious
  • When you called I was taking a shower.
  • In the morning our elevator was not working.
  • I was sleeping when someone knocked at the door.
  • They were eating when our dad called me.
  • An hour ago I was watching TV.
Present Perfect
1.      I have seen that movie twenty times.
2.      There have been many earthquakes in Erevan.
3.      Nobody has ever climbed that mountain.
  • You have grown since the last time I saw you.
5. My English has really improved since I moved to London.
Past Simple
  • Did they sign the contract?
  • I saw Jeremy when he was crossing the road.
  • They got home very late last night.
  • They always enjoyed visiting their friends.
  • She played a lot of tennis when she was younger.



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