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Armenia is a land of big smiles and friendly faces, of boundless skies and magnificent mountains. There is so much to see and do. Ancient culture, beautiful architecture of old churches, impressive cross-stones, picturesque scenery. Once you visit Armenia you want to visit it again and again, the Country has magic. Our project The Interesting World around you takes you to the beautiful places of Armenia and explores it for you. This time our destination is Tavush Province. Tavush is sometimes referred to as a little Armenian Switzerland.



Картинки по запросу Makaravank
Makaravank monastery complex a 10th to 13th-century church complex near the Achajur village of Tavush Province, Though the monastery is no longer used for services, the complex is well preserved. There are 4 churches, a gavit (narthex) that serves the two largest of the churches, Outside of these is a small Surb Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) church attributed to Abbot Hovhannes in 1198 in memory of his parents and brothers, with sculpted a portal.



Картинки по запросу Варагаванк

The monastery complex Nor Varagavank is one of the outstanding monuments of developed medieval times of Armenia. It is situated on a high valley surrounded by woody mountains and picturesque ravines.

The church of the St.Astvatzatzin (Holy Virgin) is the most important building of the complex


Cyclopean masonry- the walls of a building, made of bricks or stone




Картинки по запросу Cyclopean masonry

Cyclopean masonry is a type of stonework found in Mycenaean architecture, built with massive limestone boulders, roughly fitted together with minimal clearance between adjacent stones and with clay mortar or] no use of mortar. The boulders typically seem unworked, but some may have been worked roughly with a hammer and the gaps between boulders filled in with smaller chunks of limestone. The term comes from the belief of classical Greeks that only the mythical Cyclopes had the strength to move the enormous boulders

Работа в блоге:

  1. Составить предложения со следующими сочетаниями синонимического характера:
  • конца-краю нет
  • рассказать про свою житье-бытье
  • честь-хвала вам
  • все завертелось-закружилось
  • пошло-поехало
  • любо-дорого посмотреть

Конца-края нет моему счастью когда я посещаю родные края

Мой дедушка любит рассказывать про свое житье-бытье в 60 годы.

Честь-хвала вам мои учителя, вы столько сделали для меня. Continue reading

One change that should be remembered about the twentieth century.

The Internet has changed the life of everyone. Nowadays almost everything is possible with the internet. In my opinion, the internet is the change that should be remembered about the twentieth century. This invention has allowed information to travel from one place to another, to communicate with friends and family and enhance peoples’ comfort.

First of all, we can share the information with someone through the internet whenever it’s needed. Now everyone has a library with every possible book and info in their pockets. Communication with friends and family is much easier today due to the internet. The Internet provides us to unite with people from all across the world through social websites such as facebook, twitter.
Finally, the internet enhanced people’s comfort. For example, if we need to do shopping, we need to have sufficient time and to roam here and thereby checking the product whatever we need by wasting time. Nowadays there are no such problems as the internet provides many websites for shopping. You can buy clothes, groceries, decorations all in just one click and that will take a minute or two.
In conclusion, I can say that the Internet is a great change in the twentieth century as it allows information to travel from one place to another, helps to connect people and makes people’s lives more comfortable.

Проверочная работа

1.Он сидел за столом и дремал

2. Она разговаривала со мной и печатала

на компьютере.

3 . Она разговаривала со мной и напечатала на компьютере текст.

4. Пока она разговаривала со мной, она напечатала на компьютере какой-то текст. 5. Извини, я вчера погорячился и обидел тебя! Continue reading

First trip with school

Day 1

My expectations of Syunik were a beautiful Armenian nature, delicious village food, and spiritual relaxation and other common characteristics of the local countryside.

On the first day, we had a long road trip towards our destination during which the group shared memories and got familiar with each other.

After a long drive, we finally arrived at our first destination, the school of Sisian. I’d describe the school as inviting with students and teachers that were super down-to-earth and smart. Continue reading